Dubai, Dubai, DUBAI!!!! As of right now Dubai is my favorite trip thus far. When I tell you I had the TIME OF MY LIFE, I had an amazing time when I first got there until it was time for me to go home!! I’m pretty sure you heard, that Dubai is not safe for women, as a woman you have to be covered from head to toe, you can’t wear a swimming suit 🏖so on and so forth, BUT the real tea is THAT’S A LIE!!!!!!!!







Me & my girl Krissy were treated like chocolate GODDESSES 👸🏾, everyone wanted to hang with us, dance with us and take pictures with us, and for the first time in my life I know how Beyoncé feels like on a daily basis. We wore our “regular” summer clothes, shorts, tank top, fitted pants and leggings. We also had our lovely buns out while we were at the water park and no one looked at us funny or said anything to us! 😀

There is soooo much to do in Dubai! I am mad that I only had the opportunity to stay for only 3 days 😦





Partying: Our first day in Dubai we went to Saffron Brunch and when I tell you I had soo much fun, they had unlimited FOOD & DRINKS from 12:30 pm to 4:30pm. Great music, great food and drinks all for $150 USD you can’t beat it. I can not lie I was on the fence at first, but I AM SOOOO HAPPY that I went.





That night we went to club Sensations and had a BALL.  To get a booth you had to spend $250 USD in drinks, and between 9 ladies we did that 10x over!

Saturday night we went to Kiza if you enjoy African & Caribbean vibes then this is the place for you. Everybody danced until the last song and invited us to the after party for some more fun. If you are unsure what I mean by African & Caribbean vibes then I need you to Youtube Jamaican dance hall so you can see what I am talking about, the energy was crazy.

Adventure: If you are anything like me and love the trill then Aquaventure Water Park is where you need to go. I seen The leap of Faith on Facebook & added it to my bucket list. This water park is on my top 3 funniest things that I did I Dubai, the water slides were so scary, but I loved it .




Food: Dubai is soo westernized looking for food is so easy. I went to a Jamaican  restaurant called Ting Irie  that stays open until 2am, good music and good food. Dubai has pretty much the same restaurants we have, but with a fresher & healthier taste.





🌺 Dubai Miracle Garden was so beautiful I could only imagine the cost and time for maintaining  all the flowers. If I were rich, I would love to have my wedding there , it was just that gorgeous lol

Shopping: The Dubai Mall is the biggest mall I have seen in my life. You need a full day just to see everything. They have an Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, Ice Skating and 1200+ stores!




If you are a beauty on a budget like me and are looking for more traditional shopping then The Souk Markets might be the place for you. If you are woman, be warned the men there are aggressive lol and will try to get you to buy EVERY DAMN THING lol. Say a firm “NO” and keep it moving if you are not interested, and oh don’t forget to bargain 🙂





Desert Safari: I am not going to lie the Dune Driving was probably my least favorite activity, the ride was very intense. I am so glad that I did not eat too much food or it would have been all over the floor in the back seat of the 4X4, if you know what I mean. But overall I had a great time riding the camel, eating the sweet corn and seeing the fire show!!!




Abu Dhabi: This was probably one of the reasons why I wished I could have stayed longer. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was breathtaking words and pictures can’t described how beautiful it was, you just had to be there. I felt sooo at peace soon as I arrived. Before entering the Mosque 🕌 women are required to cover, if you do not having anything no worries they will provide clothing for you. I booked my tour off Groupon  for a reasonable price.

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