Broccoli City Festival

I want to start off saying that I never seen so many black people in one area in my life lol. This festival was amazing and I truly love the concept behind the event. Over 30,000 + people where in attendance and 80 percent were African American decent. Nothing short of positive vibes and great energy the whole day.

Now keep in mind everything I just said but if you plan to go next year I am here to give you the 411 that I wished someone told me before I went.

Ladies be cute but COMFORTABLE, I made a huge mistake by wearing some cheap $30 dollar sandals with no support and when I tell you my feet were hurting as if I had on 8 heels, I almost had to get carried to the car I couldn’t walk.

Gym shoes are a must if you have a general admission ticket, when I say there is no where to sit, NO WHERE I stopped being bougie about 5-6 hours in and copped a seat on the grass (the best seat in the house, It felt like heaven yes the grass sis, that’s how bad my feet were hurting ). So don’t come to the festival unless you have some foot support.


I was sooo excited to try food from the different vendors but I got soo discouraged when I had to wait in line for 30 minutes just to order my food & get back into another line for another 45 minutes to pick it up. I was so happy that I ate before I came or I would have passed out like the other people there.

Yes people where out there dropping like flies. When I got there I notice that they only had ONE tent for water & soda only ONE for 30,000 + people, one lemonade stand and 6 Wine, Beer & Cocktail tents . It’s 72 degrees & not a cloud in sight so I’m guessing those people who were passing out became extremely dehydrated from the lack of water & probably food. The lines for food were so long that I almost wait until the event was over to grab some.

But when I was able to get a hold to some food it was worth the wait. The food was the

The lineup of performers were great & definitely worth the money. My two favorites we’re Cardi B & Miguel.

I plan to attend next year, but this time I’m wearing sneakers & bring my lawn chair.

Oh I almost forgot if you ever get a chance to come to D.C. it’s a MUST that you stop at this restaurant called Hot N Juicy Crawfish

I love seafood so once I googled this place my mouth watered just from the pictures & girl when I tell you that everything was the BOMB & very nicely priced. I got “The Drool” for only $55 which is enough food to feed 2-3 people. “The Drool” has 1lb of crawfish, crab legs, & shrimp with two corn & potatoes, you can’t beat it! You also have the option of choosing your own seasoning of Louisiana, Cajun, Garlic Butter and Hot & Juicy, Hot & Juicy is the mixture of all the seasonings. You can choose your spice as well. If you go tell me how you like it, I plan to come back and try each & every seasoning

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