Back to the MOTHERLAND

I wanna say Happy New Year 🎊 before I get off into this Vlog!

I wish you more love, happiness, prosperity & wealth. I hope 2023 and the years beyond are everything you want them to be plus more πŸ₯°

Alright now back to the Vlog. YALL!!!! I went to the mf motherland! Yes, I spent the New Year is Accra, Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ and had thee time of my life.

I was told the best time to visit Ghana was in Detty December. Detty December is the annual party season is a period of celebration for travelers and locals alike. Non-stop parties, festivals & everything else you can imagine 😏

I traveled to Ghana Dec 27 to Jan 3rd. Check out my vlogs to see what I got into.

Please tell me what you think?!?

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