Flew to Turksssss

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I made a blog post. I’m not going to lie, I got a little discouraged a few years ago and stopped blogging. Now I am back and more motivated than ever thanks to family and friends who inspired me to get back into blogging.  

I am taking some amazing trips this year and I am excited to share with y’all. Enough with the small talk, right? Let us get into the real reason you are here in the first place, lol.

Turks and Mf Caicos! I fully OVERstand why this beautiful island is mentioned in our favorite rap songs. I get it! My trip to Dubai was easily my favorite vacation for the longest time but Turks recently made it to number 1.  

If you are not following me on Instagram, you missed out! Luckily, I saved most of the turn up on my highlights so if you are interested in seeing that make sure you check out my Instagram!

Check out my Turks Highlights for all the action lol

Me posing with the WU sign lol

I booked my trip to Turks with my friend’s travel company Wheels Up, Heels Up. If you are anything like me and hate planning trips or do not have any friends that can travel with you, I totally recommend linking up with her travel agency! She plans all the lodging and activities. All you have to do is pay, book your flight and turn up, lol.  This was the perfect set up for me! I have been on several trips with WUHU and I have never been disappointed. 


We stayed at the Kokomo Botanical Resort. It’s a nice and intimate resort with friendly staff and cool amenities. Some parts of the resort were still under construction. That was not a problem for me but it’s something you should consider before booking.

Getting Around 

When on vacation, the only thing I wanna do is relax and/or turn up. I highly recommend getting a personal driver, especially if you are going with a group. I suggest splitting the cost because it can get a little pricey but I’ll pay whatever for comfort. Akeem, our personal driver, was amazing!

Me & Our Driver Akeem on the Tiki Boat 🙂

If getting a personal driver is out of your budget, a taxi will be your next best option. Turks doesn’t have Uber or Lyft so be mindful of this when planning your trip.  

Food 🤤  

Mr. Groupers  

Mr. Groupers was favorite local spot. I got the blackened fish taco and a baby orgasm in my mouth. I’ve never had a fish taco that good!  

Coco Bistro 

Coco Bistro was such a cute outside restaurant. The ambience was great, the food was amazing and the service 10/10!

Bay Bistro 

I heard great things about Bay Bistro and planned to go there for brunch. Unfortunately, brunch ends at 12 pm and we missed it. I ordered more fish tacos. They were good but I wanna go back to try their brunch. It is a restaurant off the water, so you get a wonderful view while you eat!

Noah’s Ark aka Big Tiki Boat lol 

Noah’s Ark is the place to be if you’re looking for a good turn up on Sunday plus music, food, and vibes. It’s a Tiki boat in the middle of the ocean. That was our daily hang out spot.  


Sui-Ren is very High-class with an elite Sushi menu and beautiful ambience.  

“The Hood” lol

Jerk Chicken, Mac & Cheese from “the Hood”

If you’re looking for some late night eats after the club, have your personal driver take you to “The Hood”. Yes sis, I said the hood, lol. I don’t know the actual name of the spot, but your driver will know!

Things To Do.  

Turks has a great catalog of things to do. The island is only 6.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide so, a simple google search is all you need figure who to contact for certain activities. Wheels Up Heels Up planned all of the activities so I didn’t have to. She provided the links and all I did was pay. 😊  

Shisha Lounge 

Shisha Lounge is the #1 nightlife spot in Turks. This is where everybody goes! It’s a nice indoor/outdoor hookah lounge. If you love to twerk and rap your favorite hip hop songs, then you will love Shisha! I love the fact that they played 42 Dugg out there too. I’m from Detroit, so hearing Detroit artists makes me so proud!

Club 809  

Club 809 is a cute roof top that stays open until 3 am. Don’t worry, they play hip hop music too.  

Noah’s Ark aka Big Tiki Bar & Little Tiki Bar  

Yes, Turks has two tiki bars. They both serve their purpose, depending on your mood. The Tiki bar was my favorite thing to do in Turk.  

Clear Kayak Photoshoot 

YOU CANNOT LEAVE TURKS WITHOUT DOING THIS! And hell yeah, I just screamed at you, lol 😂. I don’t care if you are not photogenic, you have do this photoshoot. The Photographer was amazing with directing and makes sure you hit those angles. 

Horseback Riding

Me & Lolo 💜

Riding a horse along the beach of Turks is such a vibe.  

Parasailing 🪂  

I don’t care if you’ve gone parasailing before! If you haven’t parasailed in Turks, it does not count lol. You must get a clear eye view of that beautiful water. 

Turks is one of those places I would not mind revisiting repeatedly because it was just that fun. It made me feel at home.  

I hope my experiences encourage you to visit Turks one day. Check out my vlog before you begin planning. Until next time, byeeeeee bye! 😘

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